Welcome Message-Journal of Cytokine Biology


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Welcome Message-Journal of Cytokine Biology


It is my great pleasure to welcome you to the inaugural issue of the journal of cytokine biology-an official peer-reviewed open access research journal published by the OMICS Publishing Group. This is an international journal of Cytokine Biology, initiated with an objective to publish high quality research articles from contributors all over the world. This journal provides a new platform for the scientists to share their original research experience and articles on literature reviews of educational nature to provide valuable resource of information to our research community.

OMICS has been a pioneer in online open access publications to the international audiences in several areas of science where researchers all over the world publish their research discoveries and novel findings. As it is mentioned in the website, ‘Journal of Cytokine Biology focuses on areas such as interleukins, chemokines, monokines, interferons and lymphokines. Articles on immune response based on cytokines, balance between innate and cell based immune responses, receptor binding studies involving cytokines, techniques used for studying cytokine function. Detection of cytokine production, gene expression of cytokines, protein therapeutics based on cytokine mechanisms, application of transgenesis in the study of cytokines is also welcome.’ The journal accepts original research and concepts by researchers from all over the world. We hope that the researchers will enjoy a perfect platform to demonstrate the importance of their research work by publishing in this journal.

I take this opportunity to thank OMICS group of publications for its mission in making the journey to take this on-line publication of the journal to a global audience. I believe that this journal will serve the scientific community better. I wish to encourage our scientific community to contribute their original research from to facilitate a continued success of the journal.

Finally, I would like to welcome you, our readers to this promising new journal of cytokine biology. Hope you will find amiable reading and challenging ideas from this journal. Happy and pleasant reading!

Best Regards:
Veronica Thompson
Journal Manager
Journal of Cytokine Biology
Email:  cytokinebiol@oajoirnal.org