Mucosa: lines body cavities and passages helps in preventing the attack of antigens


Mucosal immunity is the study of the immune system associated with mucosal sites such as the gut mucosa that comprises Peyer’s patches (PPs), intestinal lamina propria, intestinal intraepithelium, cryptopatches, isolated lymphoid follicles in the gut antimesenteric wall, and the mesenteric lymph nodes. Mucosal layer is the moist, inner most lining of organs and body cavities such as the nose, mouth, lungs, and stomach. Mucosal glands secrete mucus which is a thick, slippery fluid.

This mucosal layer secretes continuously secretes mucus which enables lubrication of food particles, also whenever any antigen enters our body activates our immune system so that it can reduce the effect of activity of antigen. This interlinking enabled us to coin the name Mucosal Immunology.

We majorly focussed on publishing quality articles relevant to inductive and effector tissues and cells, development and physiology of the mucosal barrier; diseases in the digestive system, respiratory tract, genitourinary tract and immunodeficiency.

Journal of Mucosal Immunology Research is an open access publisher and its policy is to disclose the on-going novel aspects related to Immunology. We are very much grateful to the Editorial members, reviewers and authors who had invested their valuable time in developing this journal from budding stage.

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