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The Editorial Board of Journal of Cytokine Biology focuses on areas such as interleukins, chemokines, monokines, interferons and lymphokines. Articles on immune response based on cytokines, balance between innate and cell based immune responses, receptor binding studies involving cytokines, techniques used for studying cytokine function. Detection of cytokine production, gene expression of cytokines, protein therapeutics based on cytokine mechanisms, application of transgenesis in the study of cytokines are also welcome.

Cytokine production

These are small proteins that are important for cell signaling. They affect the activity of other cells. They also help in autocrine signaling. Cytokines are produced from immune cells like macrophages, B-lymphocytes, T lymphocytes and mast cells.The journal invites different types of articles including original research article, review articles, short note communications, case reports, Editorials, letters to the Editors and expert opinions & commentaries from different regions for publication.

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Intracellular cytokine staining

Intracellular protein staining (ICS) could be a terribly helpful and wide used flow cytometry primarily based assay that detects the assembly and accumulation of cytokines at intervals the endoplasmic reticulum once cell stimulation. ICS may be utilized in combination with different flow cytometry protocols for immunopheno typing mistreatment cell surface markers or with MHC multimers to observe Associate in Nursing substance specific response, creating it a very versatile and versatile technique. Cells square measure activated mistreatment either a particular amide or a non-specific activation cocktail. Associate in Nursing substance of macromolecule transport is accessorial to retain the cytokines at intervals the cell. once laundry, antibodies to different cellular markers may be accessorial to the cells. The cells square measure then fastened in paraformaldehyde and permeabilized. The anti-cytokine protein is accessorial and also the cells may be analyzed by flow cytometer.

Cytokine inhibitors

A key focus of interest has been that cytokines in one amongst these 2 sub-sets tend to inhibit the consequences of these within the alternative. Dysregulation of this tendency is below intensive study for its potential role within the pathologic process of reaction disorders. Several inflammatory cytokines are elicited by aerobic stress. the very fact that cytokines themselves trigger the discharge of alternative cytokines and additionally cause hyperbolic aerobic stress makes them necessary in chronic inflammation, still as alternative immune responses, like fever and acute section proteins of the liver (IL-1,6,12, IFN-a).


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