Effects of Fermented Cheese Whey on the Cells of the Immune System of Apparently Healthy Albino Rats


Effects of Fermented Cheese Whey on the Cells of the Immune System of Apparently Healthy Albino Rats

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Title: “Effects of Fermented Cheese Whey on the Cells of the Immune System of Apparently Healthy Albino Rats

Abstract: The effect of fermented cheese whey on the cells of the immune system and the packed cell volume (PCV) of apparently healthy albino rats (AHARs) was investigated in this study. Twenty four AHARs were grouped into six groups of four rats (A, B, C, D, E, F) and each rat in each group was orogastrically administered different volumes of whey fermented at 30+2OC for 72h as follows: group A; 0.5ml, group B; 1.0ml, group C; 1.5ml, group D; 2.0ml, group E; 2,5ml while the rats in group F were not given whey. The rats in this group (F) served as control. All the rats were fed with basal diet alongside the administered whey except the control group that was given basal diet only. Heamatological assays were carried out using standard methods. The study revealed that the administration of the fermented whey to AHARs caused a significant increase (p<0.05) in packed cell volume (PCV) values, lymphocyte and monocyte counts of the groups fed with whey as compared with control and significant decrease (p<0.05) in the eosinophils count. It is therefore conceivable that the consumption of fermented whey by apparently healthy individuals might boost the cells of the immune system responsible for adaptive immunity, increases their PCV and may also play a role in mediating in cases of allergic reactions as a result of reduction in eosinophil counts.

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